Live in Columbus, Ohio? Want to see your upcoming Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste days and set reminders to take it to the street for collection by the city? Then you should check out the CBUS Trash app. The app is currently available for Android via Google Play (iOS coming soon) and can help make sure you never miss another Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste day. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. ... Read More
Overview You’ve built your Ionic and are now wanting to package it for deployment to Android via the Google Play Console. While you can build and sign your APK in Android Studio you can also do it via the command line. NOTE: This has only been run/tested on Linux (specifically Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04) and assumes the following installed and configured properly: Ionic CLI Cordova CLI Android SDK installed and properly configured Step 1: Building your Android APK using the Ionic CLI To build our unsigned APK we use the the Cordova CLI (through the Ionic CLI). ... Read More
Input validation can be a tedious process, but luckily there are many great libraries out there to help out, including Sindre Sorhus’ ow. Building on this powerful, yet lightweight tool it can now be taken a step further through the use of decorators. By including a @kapow() decorator with your requirements and a @validate decorator to enforce validation, you can gain the power of ow to perform validation at runtime with a clean syntax. ... Read More
When working with geographic positions in your program, it is nice to have a good geocoder to convert positions to addresses and addresses to positions. There are several services you can use to do this including Google Maps, Mapzen, OpenStreetMap, and many more. Luckily there is an easy to use library which allows you to not be tied to a single service while still being able to geocode effectively. Enter the node-geocoder library from Nicolas Chaulet. ... Read More